10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania Sustainable Smart Growth Transportation Agenda

Sustainable Smart Growth Transportation Agenda

10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania

1).  Adopt “Fix It First” philosophy  to provide all funds necessary to bring the system up to a state of good repair, and provide for road and bridge maintenance funds needed to maintain the system in a state of good repair. 

2).  Expand “Smart Transportation” to link land use planning with transportation project planning and investment, which saves money and efficiently links projects to the local context. 

3).  Continue and expand upon the Pennsylvania Community Transportation Initiative (PCTI) to fund projects linking land use, planning, and transportation projects and to support community transportation.

4).  Adopt strict professional criteria to evaluate any/all new capacity or capacity expansion transportation projects. 

5).  Move State Police funding out of the Motor License Fund and back to the General Fund, and find a way for municipalities receiving free full or part time State Police coverage to pay in full for the policing services received. 

6).  Amend the state Liquid Fuels tax distribution formula to award funds based on Vehicle Miles Traveled not Lane Miles of Roadway. 

7).  Provide a dedicated funding source to adequately fund all of the Commonwealth’s Public Transit agencies.  Public transit is an essential service for many segment’s of Pennsylvania’s population, and saves money by eliminating cars and congestion that would otherwise be added to our roadway traffic. 

8).  Continue a Transportation Enhancement dedicated program to fund town centers place making, regional trails, accommodate sidewalks and biking lanes, way finding signage, and street light and streetscape improvements in core communities.

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