New Castle Neighborhood Partnership Program

10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania is currently administering a Neighborhood Partnership Program (NPP) on New Castle’s South Side. For the 2019-2020 program year, a Small Business Grant & Microloan Program is being piloted to support existing and new businesses within the South Side business district. The results of this initial program will inform planning in future years. 

Eligible Activities
Eligible uses are those that support businesses located within New Castle’s South Side Business District along W. Long Avenue and Mill Street. These uses may include façade improvements, signage, accessibility, marketing, equipment and other related working capital expenses.

Maximum Funding Amounts
A limited amount of funding is available this year for:
Microloans: Maximum of $3,500 @ 0% interest for 5-years (33% may be forgiven after 67% is repaid and proposed outcomes are met)
Grants: Maximum of $1,500

Applicant Eligibility Requirements
The applicant must be current on all taxes and not have any open code violations in Lawrence County. The applicant must agree to reporting requirements and submit a final close-out report. Only 501-c-3 applicants are eligible for grant funding, other applicants are only eligible for microloan funds with potential 33% forgiveness. Projects that utilize other funding sources in addition to the requested grant and / or microloan will be prioritized. Businesses applying for working capital must have at least two employees and have been established before July 1, 2019.

Funding Partners Include
UPMC Health Plan / UPMC Jameson, First Commonwealth Bank, and First National Bank. 

Additional Information
Additional information and assistance is available by contacting 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania at (717) 238-5030.

Please click below for the application

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