Provide Resources for Regional Leaders

Building support for reforms in Harrisburg depends on success at the regional and local levels โ€“ helping local communities implement their plans and visions; providing technical assistance to communities in building their priority projects; using model projects to model policy solutions and demonstrate the benefits of aligning policy and investment; organizing regional constituencies to impact state policy; providing tools for local leaders to problem-solve and construct effective entrepreneurial regional solutions that can serve as statewide models; and disseminating research that explains the challenges and choices we face, and the value and impact of better public policy solutions. We have been developing relationships and building capacity in communities around Pennsylvania that are ripe for neighborhood, community, and regional success. 10,000 Friends staff has made key contacts in many communities and convened informal meetings. Our goal is to assist local leaders to develop local strategies to address local issues. It is our belief that models for statewide reform will emerge out of these local examples to address issues facing many of Pennsylvania's communities. This page will serve as a clearinghouse for resources that will be helpful to regional and local leaders. We will provide access to the latest research, information, and tools โ€“ some from 10,000 Friends and some from our partners โ€“ that show how we can build more sustainable and healthy communities. And how those communities can work together to benefit their entire region. We look forward to working with you.