Transportation For Pennsylvania

10,000 Friends advocates that the transportation reform agenda for Pennsylvania be guided by three overarching principles:

  • Fix it first, by investing in maintenance and reconstruction before building new;
  • Adequately and sustainably fund our public transportation systems; and
  • Strongly link land use and transportation funding.

Click on the links below to learn more about 10,000 Friends' work on transportation. That work includes our advocacy on Act 89, the landmark state transportation funding bill in Pennsylvania, our local and regional partners that have worked with us on state transportation issues, and a link to our national transportation partner, T4America, who we have worked with on various federal transportation advocacy issues.  Also linked or attached are resources for planning community transportation projects in Pennsylvania, detailing our work with PennDOT's PCTI pilot program, and guidelines to the state Multi-Modal Transportation Fund. 

State of Transportation in Pennsylvania -- Act 89

Regional/state-wide organizations working on T4PA  

Transportation Planning In Our Changing World - PennDOT and PCTI 

Transportation For America (T4America)


National Complete Streets Coalition

DCED/CFA Multi-Modal Transportation Fund Guidelines (Attached Below)

Seven Causes of Traffic Congestion and How Cities Can Tackle Them -- a Resource from xerox (Attached Below)

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