About Us

10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania is the leading statewide bipartisan voice for creating healthy, vibrant and resilient communities across the Commonwealth.


Our Mission
10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania is the statewide bipartisan advocate for responsible and efficient land use and partner for great places to live and work. We work with citizens, organizations, and public officials to create land use, infrastructure, development, and governance policies and projects that strengthen our economy, protect our resources, save money, and build healthy, vibrant and resilient communities for all.

Our Values
Equity and Inclusion

Our Vision 
10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania envisions a Commonwealth in which its citizens have a great variety of high quality places in which to live and work; where natural resources are respected and used wisely; where the infrastructure is strong, safe and supports sensible development; where the built environment is planned for maximum convenience, attractiveness, sustainability and economic competitiveness; where governments work together to allocate and share resources and deliver public services effectively, equitably and efficiently; where residents value their communities, find opportunity, and share the benefits of Pennsylvania's commitment to competitiveness through strategic investment and sustainable growth. 

Equity Statement
We recognize that systemic privilege, racism and oppression exist in our society and we are committed to advancing equity in the workplace, community and public policy. We see diversity, equity, and inclusion as connected to our mission and critical to ensure the well-being of the people and communities we serve. We utilize advocacy and policy platforms to bring awareness of systemic injustice. We are committed to advocating for change in society by challenging systems and policies that create inequity, oppression and disparity. We are committed to continual assessment and lasting structural change that supports a diverse, inclusive workplace, empowered staff and families, and healthy communities.