How We Work

In order to accomplish our goals, 10,000 Friends uses the tools of advocacy, organizing, facilitation and research to:

  • Seek adoption of policies, including legislation that provide consistent, sustainable, long-term growth strategies to address land use planning, incentives for investment in existing communities, and property tax reform;
  • Educate, assist and build consensus among state and local leadership; and
  • Build a strong statewide constituency of local and regional leaders to provide support for policy initiatives through the regional offices of 10,000 Friends.

We also provide technical assistance to local and regional leaders and stakeholders to help them build and implement their priority projects.  With so many municipalities and entities in Pennsylvania, we have found that providing implementation assistance can often be invaluable to local communities in helping them to build out their plans and visions.

We have begun to develop region-based coalitions of business, civic and government leaders to focus on our overall goal to renew Pennsylvania by specific programming initiatives on:

  • Land Use;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Intergovernmental Cooperation & Governance Reform; and
  • Revitalization & Smart Growth Development.