Barnes and Noble at Bucknell University

Barnes and Noble at Bucknell University
Commercial Projects
Lewisburg, PA
United States
40° 57' 52.3044" N, 76° 53' 3.876" W

This project originally proposed demolishing the 1942 store and replacing it with a new building sharing more of the stylistic traits of its neighbors. The project’s developer, Radnor Property Group, along with the project’s architect, were able to convince Bucknell university representatives and the retailer that preservation of the existing building would be more economical, a greener alternative to new construction, and a strengthening of the university’s position in the community as a good steward of Lewisburg’s historic resources. It also provided the architect a rare and exciting opportunity to punctuate the modern aesthetics of a building from this era.

Following its year-long $9.1 million dollar restoration to the 29,500ft2 building, the Barnes & Noble at Bucknell University opened in July 2010. Located in the heart of the traditional downtown business district, and within walking distance of the University, the project was able to capitalize on the existing transit and civil infrastructure, while simultaneously energizing stagnating retail areas by better linking them with the University community. Sidewalks lead the influx of new consumers to all the other nearby amenities that the town has to offer, including additional retail and shopping areas, restaurants and parks.

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