CODO 241

Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects
Mixed Use Development - Large Size Projects
York, PA
United States
39° 57' 45.3528" N, 76° 43' 39.882" W

CODO 241 is a transformative and catalytic project that demonstrates the potential for Pennsylvania’s small cities. The project pays careful attention to design and integration with the existing community. The building’s use of scale, transitions and rhythm and meter enhance the streetscape and define the location it occupies. Beyond design, and maybe CODO 241’s greatest innovation, is its financing structure. The project meets market demand and creates a viable market rate project for downtown York. The use of patient capital is innovative and creates a template for projects in small cities. CODO 241 is a catalyst for the community – the project creates a positive impact and destination for the surrounding neighborhood.

Gold Award