Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects
Mixed Use Development - Small Size Projects
York, PA
United States
39° 57' 45.3528" N, 76° 43' 39.882" W

28 North George Street is a 25,000 square foot (including basement), 3 story building that covers 90 percent of its lot at a key location one half block from Continental Square in downtown York. It sits directly adjacent to Central Market, a current focus of revitalization interest for the City. 

It is in the heart of the “Market District” – the area to be reinvigorated as the hospitality, retail, cultural and entertainment district in downtown York. Codo 28 has transformed a former industrial building and lot into 11 residential apartments and a street‐front retail space in the existing building and an addition constructed on the front. 

The Codo 28 development project is well‐timed and well‐positioned to make a valuable contribution to economic development in downtown York. It has transformed a building that for 15 years was vacant and dilapidated at a high‐visibility location into a $4.6 million showpiece, adding to the tax base of the City of York. In adding 11 upscale rental units, the residential portion of the project has attracted new residents whose spending will contribute to the economic success of restaurants and retailers in downtown.

Gold Award