Columbus Square

Columbus Square
Housing and Community Institution Projects
Pittsburgh, PA
United States
40° 26' 26.25" N, 79° 59' 45.1896" W

Columbus Square is a traditional neighborhood development located on a Brownfield site formerly referred to as the American Electric Facility. It consists of 4.226 acres of land remediated to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection Act 2 Standards. Full development will include 31 market rate homes.  Columbus Square reflects the density of adjacent properties in the neighborhood. The homes’ architectural vocabulary is consistent with Manchester’s historic theme and will include sustainable construction methodologies.


Approximately $1.3 million dollars were spent to construct project related new infrastructure and renovate existing. This work included new utility services, sidewalk construction, and creation of park spaces.


MCC-MCS, LLC, a partnership of the Manchester Citizens Corporation (“MCC”) and principals of Fourth River Development LLC (“FRD”), is the owner redeveloping the site to create a community-wide benefit to a neighborhood that currently suffers from high rates of unemployment and population loss.  Project cost is approximately $9 mil.

Building a More Perfect Pennsylvania Award