Green Building Forum Urges General Assembly to Pass Green Building Legislation


10,000 Friends has joined the Green Building Forum to raise the awareness of green building legislation in the discussion of energy strategy for Pennsylvania. During the Spring 2008 legislative session, the Pennsylvania General Assembly and Governor have been working hard on energy independence strategies, alternative energy solutions, green building, and energy efficiency legislation.  

The Green Building Forum believes that it is time to move forward and adopt high-performance or "green" building legislation that will provide the incentives and remove the barriers in expanding green building throughout Pennsylvania. High performance buildings are a critical element in an energy independence strategy for Pennsylvania.  The Green Building Forum, a coalition of very diverse organizations dedicated to advancing green building in the Commonwealth, held a press conference in June to support the passage of "Green Building" legislation at the state and federal level that encourages the reuse and retrofitting of existing buildings. Click here for the press release.   

On the subject, Judy Schwank, president and CEO of 10,000 Friends, said: "Although the worth is often measured in environmental yardsticks, the design and construction of a green building doesn't just result in a high-performance building. The investment made by builders and owners are clear indicators of dedication and commitment to the community. We've already seen on the national scene that developing green standards has changed the construction industry - turning once-revolutionary notions into more conventional design and construction. This legislation's standards and incentives will go a long way to creating a new conventional wisdom here -- conserving resources, revitalizing our neighborhoods and communities, and building a better future for Pennsylvania."