Intergovernmental Cooperation and Governance Reform


Local governments engage in new inter-governmental cooperative arrangements that allow them to enhance the delivery of essential services and possibly cut costs. Business and civic leaders mobilize in their communities to improve the opportunities for positive growth. And a strong network of smart growth organizations and communities lobby for legislative reform. Our long-range vision is for a state that regains its status as a national economic leader and is viewed as a model of inter-governmental cooperation.


In recent years, the state has not had a clear economic vision, especially to transform itself in the post-industrial market. The state has developed high-priority industry clusters, and must now link its investments in workforce and in regional economic development strategically. To ensure that its approach is holistic and sustainable, the state must align its economic development decisions with regionally based land use planning. Intergovernmental cooperation will be critical in rebuilding Pennsylvania's economy.

Our Intergovernmental Cooperation and Governance Reform initiative stems from recognition that without major changes in the structures and laws that govern municipalities and the way they are financed, and unless communities are empowered to work more closely together, their fiscal and physical integrity is at grave risk, and the state's economy will continue to struggle in the coming decades. We are focused on building local and regional support to advocate for legislation that enables effective municipal collaboration and consolidation; providing information to municipal officials and the public about opportunities and benefits of municipal collaboration, consolidation and shared services; and continuing relevant bi-partisan research.