Revitalization & Smart Growth Development


Revitalized third class cities and communities experience new growth due to new policies and regulations that enhance their transportation/infrastructure assets and transform their historic properties, and take advantage of the renewed interest in city lifestyles among Baby Boomer and Generation Y populations. Older developed communities are enhanced by progressive leadership and make better decisions on sustainable growth. The Commonwealth Awards are nationally recognized for the exchange of innovative development ideas.


10,000 Friends has always supported public and private-sector revitalization efforts in the belief that strengthening our existing communities is the best strategy for sensible growth throughout Pennsylvania. We encourage the creation of more stable mixed-income, mixed-use communities by addressing issues of blight, affordability and quality of housing stock, as well as the strengthening of amenities such as alternative modes of transportation and greening.

Our Revitalization and Smart Growth  initiative will work with governmental, electoral, institutional and private-sector leaders who are dedicated to advancing regional equity and positive development that revitalizes existing communities. Our goal is to provide outreach and community education on the critical agenda of 10,000 Friends, with a regional focus on transportation, planning and zoning, and housing issues. We raise community awareness, provide leadership for burgeoning organizing efforts (such as the First Suburbs Project), and stimulate peer-to-peer information exchange on best practices, effective policies and technical expertise. We also promote policies to level the playing field between greenfield development and development in our cities and towns, encourage solutions that stimulate reinvestment through market incentives and increase public understanding about the importance of viewing and addressing reinvestment problems more broadly than just their community or neighborhood.