It's time for a comprehensive transportation solution in Pennsylvania!

As most of you know, the legislature is in "special session" to deal with the transportation funding crisis in Pennsylvania. 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania encourages everyone to let their legislators know that these issues need to be addressed as soon as possible.  Consider the questions below:

  • Do you believe that our public transportation, and state highway and bridge systems are in a financial crisis?
  • How has Pennsylvania's deficient infrastructure, directly or indirectly, impacted your business or community?
  • Is inaction acceptable?
  • If inaction is unacceptable, what level of additional funding is necessary for the improvements you are advocating?
  • How would you solve the funding crisis?

Nothing will happen without demonstrating public will to tackle this difficult problem. 10,000 Friends has already testified at various hearings around the state and you can read a sample testimony below to see what we've had to say. Add your voice to ours to make sure that Pennsylvania has adequate funding for all of our transportation needs. There are some investments that we can't afford not to make.

10000 Friends South Central PA Testimony_May 2746.43 KB