Master Plan for the Central Delaware

Delaware Riverfront Corporation
Philadelphia, PA
United States
39° 57' 8.406" N, 75° 9' 49.6404" W

The Master Plan for the Central Delaware provides a detailed plan for six miles of the Delaware waterfront through central Philadelphia, covering nearly 1,100 acres of land and spanning a variety of uses from vacant brownfields to active industrial to new residential to parkland. The plan envisions a revitalized waterfront that both enhances the working aspects of the river, such as the port facilities at both the north and south of the planning area, as well as new mixed‐use development that complements the scale and character of the existing Philadelphia neighborhoods. 

The plan aims to revitalize the waterfront itself while supporting and enhancing adjacent neighborhoods to strengthen the city as a whole. The plan calls for a variety of uses along the waterfront, allowing for industrial, residential, and recreational, and entertainment venues that draw visitors from the city and the Region while incorporating transition zones to minimize potential conflicts of use.

Gold Award