Mifflin Mills

Mifflin Mills
RGS Associates, Inc.
Housing and Community Institution Projects
Lebanon, PA
United States
40° 20' 27.33" N, 76° 24' 40.86" W

This affordable housing project is located on what was an abandoned lot and eyesore within the neighborhood. By using the infill site to develop the townhouse project the Housing Authority was able to enhance the character of the existing neighborhood while limiting costs and impact of the installation of new infrastructure. The utilities and transportation network were intact in the surrounding streets, and the existing sidewalks surrounding the property were reconstructed.  Providing affordable housing within the urban core allows residents to live and work in the same neighborhood. Public Transportation is also readily available through bus service provided by Lebanon Transit. Recreation, retail, education, and worship facilities are all located within a 1 mile radius of the site and easily accessed using the existing pedestrian access.

Gold Award