Multi-Municipal Planning Wiki

Following the release of our report Plan Regionally, Implement Locally: an Evaluation of Multi-Municipal Planning and Implementation in Pennsylvania, we have been busy ensuring that this important research reaches planners and government officials. This effort led to the publication of several articles and editorials around the state.  In addition, we worked with DCED and PSATS to offer a series of roundtable discussions where participants could share their experiences with the multi-municipal planning process.

Now, we have teamed with the Local Government Academy to start the Multi-Municipal Planning Wiki which includes the comments shared at the roundtable discussions and the results of the report. For those who may not be familiar with the technology, a wiki is a web site designed to enable anyone with access to contribute or modify the site's content.

If you have had experience with the multi-municipal planning process in Pennsylvania, we encourage you to visit the wiki, register for editing access, and share your experiences about the multi-municipal planning process. By using this innovative technology, we can help to disseminate best practices in planning across Pennsylvania!