Appealing remakes: Towns seem energized by revitalization, Harrisburg Patriot-News

August 16, 2011

"Any good revolution starts in the streets.

Consider the recent overhaul along High Street in Carlisle meant to encourage students walking from Dickinson College campus to shop downtown.

Planners strengthened town-and-gown connections by reducing travel lanes to slow down drivers and encouraging the redevelopment of storefronts near the college. In addition, new businesses as well as a garden area appeared along the corridor. Now students and alumni alike know a walk is a journey into a resurgent downtown.

This is smart planning at its best. Whenever possible, it makes sense to redevelop what doesn’t work into something that does. Endlessly expanding with new construction that uses up available green space should not be the first or best solution.

Ideas such as Carlisle’s effort bear repeating. And with continued effort, they will be. "  For the entire editorial, please click here.