Beyond The Great Recession: South Central Pennsylvania 2020 Conference, June 13, 2012

May 30, 2012

Presented by the South Central Pennsylvania Assembly

June 13, 2012

Holiday Inn - York
2000 Loucks Road, York PA 17408

South Central Pennsylvania has been seriously affected by the Great Recession, with business, community institutions, nonprofit agencies, schools, cities, county and local governments all experiencing major setbacks. Corporate losses have led to increased unemployment and lower tax yields, with attendant declines in school and local government expenditures and services, and corporate philanthropy. The pain has spread through all sectors of the community, with municipalities, schools, and non profits being the last to recover.

The South Central Assembly (SCA) has offered several area wide Policy Summits that have provided leadership and guidance to help its 8 counties through difficult times since its creation in 1997. This Summit will help our communities and their institutions chart a new course by examining our difficulties and developing recovery and renewal strategies based on the Regions' many strengths.

"Beyond the Great Recession ..." will be a one day action-oriented event that brings together South Central Pennsylvania’s community and corporate leaders, the media, local government and school officials, nonprofit agencies, colleges, think tanks, and interested citizens to develop plans and strategies and forge / renew the partnerships needed to move the Region back into prosperity. The Governor, area legislators and key State agencies have been asked to play a supportive role in the Summit, and policy suggestions will be presented to the state government to help implement recovery in all regions across the Commonwealth. Extensive follow-up to implement the output of the Summit will be undertaken by the Assembly and partner agencies and institutions.

At the end of the proceedings, the SCA will develop a Blueprint for Action and Strategies to help the region successfully move out of the Great Recession, and on to a thriving decade for effective public and private partnerships that will help grow and sustain vital community services, institutions and organizations and an enhanced sense of regional awareness and commitment in the eight county region. The Summit's strategic emphasis of moving beyond short term survivability to long term sustainability will provide a model for recovery and growth in other regions of Commonwealth.

Based upon the past ten SCA Policy Summits, approximately 200 attendees are expected. A plenary session will be held to introduce conferees to the Summit's process and goals, provide a summary of key issues facing the region in the several topical workshop areas that follow, and offer an overall orientation to the day's events. Morning and afternoon breakout session workshops will provide intensive focus on key issues facing our communities, offering a framework to develop strategies to move the Region forward in these vital areas. These breakout sessions will be led by subject matter experts familiar with the region's challenges and opportunities and a facilitator to help coalesce opinions, strategies and partnerships.

Registration for the event is $35.  Register by June 8, 2012.  The Summit Brochure and registration form is below.  Online registration is found here:


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