Blairsville Diamond Wins Award

December 13, 2012

"Blairsville's Diamond Square Reconstruction project on Market Street recently received the 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania "Community Transportation Excellence Award" as part of the group's 2012 Commonwealth Awards program.

The $2.6 million Blairsville streetscape enhancement project on Market Street between Water and Spring streets and between Stewart and Morrow streets integrated traffic and pedestrian safety while creating a multifunctional "town center" area. The borough's traffic flow was also improved with side-street access, and the Diamond Square improvements are expected to promote downtown development.

"This project improved mobility and safety for pedestrians and vehicles alike in the corridor, while enhancing historic downtown Blairsville's Diamond Square," said PennDOT District 10 Executive Joseph Dubovi."

For the complete Indiana Gazette article, please click on the PDF below

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