Census count matters Population dip in Schuylkill can impact funding, Times News

August 15, 2009

"Because of a drop in population, Schuylkill County is at a serious crossroad, facing the possibility of dropping from a Fourth Class a Fifth Class County.

According to Charles Ross, executive director of the Schuylkill County Planning Commission, the county has dropped below the 150,000 population minimum for Fourth Class Counties. The latest state population figures, recorded on April 1, 2008, showed Schuylkill County's population listed at 148,252. In the last of 2000, the county's population was 150,336, putting it below the minimum needed to remain a Fourth Class County.

The coming census next spring will be important to county municipalities. Those figures will determine for the next 10 years the money each municipality will be receiving." For the complete article, please click here.