Cranberry: When politics gets down to business, a plan comes together, Pittsburgh Business Times

March 23, 2012

"I know what you’re thinking — that Cranberry’s amazing growth is the result of some unearned natural advantages. For instance, most towns in and around Pittsburgh have no direct interstate highway connections, while Cranberry has two — I-79 and the turnpike.

By being just over the line into Butler County, Cranberry residents pay lower county and school taxes than their Allegheny County neighbors. Also, Cranberry has lots of green space for development that doesn’t require remediation. And, of course, there’s always the belief that Cranberry is cheaper to run because its physical infrastructure is both newer and more up-to-date than most other southwestern Pennsylvania communities, many of whom are struggling to maintain aging assets.

Okay, I admit it. But some of our best assets are ones we create." For the complete article, please click here.