Fund Transportation NOW

August 8, 2010

river and bridgePennDOT has a new page on the transportation funding crisis in Pennsylvania, Fund Transportation NOW.  Here you can find interactive maps that show projects that are funded and unfunded, details on the special session, etc. 

"Pennsylvania taxpayers expect and deserve no less than safe, reliable transportation systems. But today, transportation is at a crossroad. Residents and businesses across the state need an adequately-funded transportation system that improves safety, relieves traffic congestion, promotes economic growth and creates jobs.

Despite significant investments in repairing our aging infrastructure in recent years, Pennsylvania’s Transportation Advisory Committee recently reported the state needs to invest at least an additional $3.5 billion a year to meet its highway, bridge and transit needs. A comprehensive funding solution is essential because the various modes of transportation are interconnected.

Pennsylvania leads the nation in the number of structurally deficient bridges – 5,646. highway and trafficThat is more than the total number of structurally deficient bridges from Virginia to Maine combined. More than 7,000 miles of state roads are in poor condition and more than $484 million in much-needed capital improvements for the state’s dozens of public transportation agencies are going unaddressed.

Immediate action is needed to create economic opportunity across the state. By investing in infrastructure now, we can quickly create jobs and encourage business expansion. A solid and reliable transportation infrastructure not only feeds Pennsylvania’s efforts to rebuild its economy, it also is essential to educating our children, caring for our sick and injured and providing Pennsylvanians with a better overall quality of life."