With no I-80 tolls, a $450 million gap looms, Philadelphia Inquirer

February 22, 2010

"The state has no alternative plan for coming up with the money for roads and transit if the I-80 tolls are rejected.

"There simply is no Plan B," said Ed Wilson, acting president of 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania, a group focused on sustainable development and improvement of transit. "We think there's been plenty of time and there certainly have been indications that tolling I-80 may not be approved, so there should have been a backup plan."

Wilson said his group would work with environmental and other groups to look for alternatives if the I-80 tolls are rejected.

Those could include increases in the gas tax, motor vehicle registration fees, and the real estate transfer tax, he said.

"Probably what's needed will be a combination of things. . . . There are lots of options that need to be considered," Wilson said." For the complete Inquirer article, please click here.