Option for sales tax increase gives communities tools they need, York Dispatch

August 4, 2009

"As the state budget debate continues in Harrisburg, local communities, especially our urban areas, are already thinking about and working toward a new budget year in 2010. Close monitoring of our local year-to-date expenditures and budgeted revenues paints a bleak picture for next year. For the second year in a row, the City of York is expected to end the year with a million-dollar deficit and begin the new year holding our breath.

It doesn't have to be this way. The General Assembly could act favorably on a commonsense approach to local fiscal stability by giving us a tool to cut property taxes and help support critical funding for police and fire services.

House Bill 1858 gives counties the option to increase the sales tax by 1 percent. Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties have had this option for years. In fact, 40 states have enacted a local sales tax to support local communities. It is a fair way to help pay for services used by visitors and other "out of towners." For the complete opinion piece in the York Dispatch, please click here