The Precarious Alliance: A Series of Symposia, Delaware Valley College

October 8, 2010

Delaware Valley College will host a series of symposia exploring how we can adapt our human networks to reduce and reverse these trends without jeopardizing the needs of future generations.

The symposia will integrate business, science and humanities to explore the ways our human, natural and human-made systems interconnect, and how government policies affect them.

The first symposium is scheduled for October 8 – 9, 2010 and will focus on feeding ourselves: the business, science and human aspects of the food systems – adapting how we produce, process, package, and transport our food to reduce negative impacts and improve air quality, water quality and quantity, soil health, and social equity. Other symposia will explore land use, energy, and the economy.

The symposium will bring together academics, corporations, environmentalists, planners, engineers, local, state and federal officials, architects, planners, and farmers from across the United States to explore a broad array of issues and perspectives, share ideas and collectively explore ways to reverse negative trends.  For more information, click on the save the date flyer below or go to the website

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