From the President: It’s Election Time in a Season of Discontent

October 27, 2010

It's Election Time in a Season of Discontent

Pennsylvanians are increasingly cynical about politics and government. A majority in a recent USA TODAY/Gallup Poll have unfavorable views of both major political parties. Only half express even a fair amount of trust and confidence in the people who hold or are running for public office. Just one in four are satisfied with the way the nation is being governed.

But government is important—and not a necessary evil. All societies have government. Government, the overwhelming majority of the time, is the way that we decide and act collectively to solve common—and public–problems: where and if to build highways, parks, and infrastructure. It is, more often than not, the way that we provide public services that benefit all citizens: public education, police protection, water and sewage systems, environmental protection and enforcement. How will we confront the issues and problems that we face? By acting collectively, through our elected leaders in government.

The challenge and opportunity to address critical issues exists in state government. Pennsylvania needs its elected state officials to work together to find solutions, solve problems, and improve citizens’ quality of life.

10,000 Friends is making available to Pennsylvanians, through this special newsletter linked to our website, the positions of the major party candidates for Governor of Pennsylvania on issues critical to us all—Sustainable Growth, Strong Local Communities, Energy, the Environment, Government Reform, and Transportation. Each candidate also sent a special, tailored message in response to 10,000 Friends’ 2010 campaign Issues Statement, “Smart Growth: A Winning Strategy for Pennsylvania.”

All of us at 10,000 Friends—Board, staff, and members—encourage all Pennsylvanians to examine the candidates proposals—to read thoroughly, feel deeply, consider thoughtfully—and then choose wisely.

Jack Machek

President & CEO