Seeds of rebirth can be found in Pottstown, Pottstown Mercury

June 9, 2010

This past Saturday a community gardening project took place at a corner park in the heart of Pottstown's historically African-American neighborhood.

The Washington Street corridor has faced its share of challenges over the years — challenges that many would characterize simply as "urban." But by all accounts the gardening project was a huge success, bringing together a diverse array of children and adults, members of the broader community, and the energy of two organizations — Citizens for Pottstown's Revitalization and Preservation Pottstown.

At The Mercury, this was news, before and after the event. Two local blogs, Code Blue and Save Pottstown!, promoted it ahead of time. And I certainly was thrilled to blog about it after the fact, thanks to the quick e-mailing of photos and updates from those in attendance.

To me, the fact that there was such a buzz is interesting in and of itself. What did this activity spark in individuals and the community? Can we try to define it, and in the process, become conscious of it, and try to do it again?

It's something for all of Pottstown and the school district to consider as a powerful tool for revitalization, which brings me to the First Suburbs Project." For the complete article, please click here.