Tri-State Transportation Campaign releases report on state-level transportation spending

August 1, 2012


reportAn unprecedented analysis and report, "Tracking State Transportation Dollars," conducted by Tri-State Transportation Campaign, examines state-level transportation spending in each of the 50 states. After obtaining and reviewing each state’s transportation improvement program (STIP), the Campaign found that on average, states are spending 20 percent of their transportation dollars (often leveraged by state and local sources) on transit, 2 percent on bicycle/pedestrian projects, 39 percent on projects that maintain roads and bridges, and 23 percent on projects that add new capacity to roads and bridges. This project is an expansion of Tri-State’s annual STIP analysis for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Pennsylvania's 2009-2012 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program is compromised of the following:

    • Transit projects - 33 percent
    • Bridge maintenance/replacement projects - 28 percent
    • Road maintenance/minor widening projects - 20 percent
    • “Other” - 6 percent
    • New road capacity projects - 6 percent 
    • Safety projects - 5 percent
    • Bicycle/pedestrian projects - 2 percent.
    • Bridge capacity expansion projects - less than 1 percent
    • Road or bridge projects with bicycle/pedestrian components - 1 percent

For pdfs of the Pennsylvania section of the report and the report in total, please click on the links below.

Tracking State Transportation Dollars1.66 MB
Tracking State Transportation Dollars - Pennsylvania233.42 KB