Vote YES on SB172 - Speed Cameras for Roosevelt Boulevard in NE Philadelphia

June 13, 2018

Senate Bill 172, which would legalize speed camera legislation for Roosevelt Boulevard in North and Northeast Philadelphia, is being considered for a vote this week. The bill would slow down motor vehicle users on the Boulevard, likely saving the lives of both pedestrians and motorists, and allow Philadelphia to study this important safety measure. Between 5-10 people die each year due to speeding on Roosevelt Boulevard.

More info here: One Last Push: Speed Camera Legislation is Closer Than Ever

Please call your state senator about the importance of transportation safety, and that they support this bill to make their neighborhoods safer.  When your Senators office picks up your call, please make these points:

      1. Your name and address and that you are a constituent of the Senator

     2. That you support a pilot program to install speed cameras to reduce speeding.

     3. That you want him/her to vote YES on SB172 when it comes up this week or next.

     4. Thank them for their time.

More information available from the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia Action Center: