Welcome to the Rochester Roundabout

August 9, 2011

The small town of Rochester, PA has had its roundabout for three weeks.  A note from Mary Jo Morandini, General Manager of the Beaver County Transit Authority has this to say:

"It’s been three weeks since the Rochester Roundabout opened.  The results have been extremely positive and overall the response from the public has been very favorable.  We have heard anecdotal reports from stakeholders such as Fed Ex, who indicated that the project improved their deliveries, and the Post Office, who indicated that they hear nothing but positive responses from their patrons and drivers.  As with any new technology, the Rochester Roundabout is following the national trend of taking a bit of time for people to get used to.  The largest points of confusion seem to be truck drivers that are concerned to drive on the decorative truck apron, which is a common element of urban roundabouts specifically designed to handle trucks, and pedestrians that try to utilize the truck apron as a walkway.  The confusion is not widespread, as most trucks and pedestrians are using the roundabout properly, however in an effort to further educate the public about the project and specifically educate pedestrians and truck drivers on the proper use of the roundabout we have developed additional educational material (attached) that will be circulated to project stakeholders and area businesses.  We will also be placing additional signing and installing landscaping over the next few months, which will help.  Aside from these issues, which should fade with time and acceptance, we are happy to note that general public acceptance has come along faster than we anticipated!


During the preliminary design stages, WR&A estimated that there would be an 80% reduction in traffic congestion.  Based on new traffic observations on August 4, 2011 the actual traffic congestion along the worst approach to the roundabout (Rhode Island Avenue) has been reduced by 95% during the peak hour and cut-through traffic that had been avoiding the intersection prior to construction has been reduced by 35%.  We look forward to further documenting the actual benefits of the project in a few months, once traffic has further settled into the configuration."

For more information on the roundabout, please click on the pdf below or go to the Beaver County Area Transit website.

For a video interview with Ms. Morandini on the project:

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