Why Walkability is Not A Luxury

October 5, 2017

Right now, in cities across the country, housing in walkable neighborhoods has become increasingly expensive, which makes access to those spaces more and more segregated by income. But, we NEED these walkable communities for everyone because they have proven to be better at providing access to opportunity, health outcomes, lower transportation costs, and lower emissions. People want to live in these communities - we need to start making them available for everyone.

"To address the nation’s affordable housing problems, we should build more housing in existing walkable neighborhoods, build more walkable neighborhoods in general, and lower the barriers to building them."

"Walkability is not a luxury or an extravagance for the elite, although it may feel luxurious at times to be in a human-scale neighborhood. Walkability contributes to basic necessities and is a rational, market-driven choice for a substantial and growing number of Americans. It is a key to greater affordability."


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