Review of Shared Service Delivery in Selected Counties and an Examination of the Potential and the Obstacles to Delivery of Shared Services Through Regional Departments

This study of Shared Services was commissioned by the Pennsylvania State Planning Board and funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, and originated with discussions and collaborations of the State Planning Board and representatives of 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania; County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania League of Cities and Municipalities; Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors; Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs; the Governor’s Office; and other groups interested in learning more about shared municipal services and municipal cooperation. The Pennsylvania Economy League (PEL) was commissioned to undertake the project.

The Counties reviewed within this project were selected based on current activities in County shared services already underway and because they also reflect a diversity of geography, size, demographics, socio-economic factors, population, and urban, suburban, and rural settings, among other factors. PEL has visited Greene, Lycoming, Monroe and York Counties.

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