Steinwehr Avenue Streetscape Revitalization

Steinwehr Avenue Streetscape Revitalization
C.S. Davidson, Inc.
Public Infrastructure Projects
Steinwehr Avenue
Gettysburg, PA
United States
39° 49' 14.3436" N, 77° 14' 1.0896" W

Description: In April 2008, the National Park Service opened a new visitor center for the Gettysburg National Military Park to replace the aging facility located on Steinwehr Avenue. The new facility is located more than a mile away along Baltimore Street. The opening of the new facility meant the closing of the old visitor center, and the impending loss of patrons to Steinwehr Avenue businesses. Recognizing this, the area business owners formed the Steinwehr Avenue Business

Alliance, which later became the Steinwehr Business Improvement District (BID). In conjunction with Main Street Gettysburg, Inc. and the Borough of Gettysburg, a revitalization plan was developed to identify ways to preserve and improve this vital piece of the Gettysburg economy. The plan highlighted several key goals for the urban renewal and revitalization of Steinwehr Avenue, including preserving the transportation system and enhancing its streetscapes, in order to further develop the corridor as a gateway to Gettysburg and ensure its economic vitality as a key business district.


The multi-phase streetscape improvement project is part of a strategy to sustain and reinvest in existing infrastructure and development of the Steinwehr Avenue business district. The project encompasses the Steinwehr Avenue corridor from the Gettysburg Borough limit at the edge of the National Park Service’s Gettysburg National Military Park property, to its terminus at Baltimore Street. Phase 1 of the project includes approximately 1200’ of Steinwehr Avenue between Baltimore Street and the intersection with Taneytown Road. Phase 2 of the project is planned to include approximately 2000’ from the Taneytown Road intersection to the Gettysburg National Military Park boundary. The goal of the project is to transform the district into a destination that is pedestrian-oriented, safe, and attractive; ultimately the enhancement of the streetscape appearance, area walkability, and pedestrian safety will increase the number of visitors to Steinwehr Avenue establishments and attractions, and thereby help boost the local economy.