Transportation Planning In Our Changing World - PennDOT and PCTI

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) defines smart transportation as "partnering to build great communities for future generations of Pennsylvanians by linking transportation investments with land use planning and decision-making." That's a philosophy that 10,000 Friends has been advocating for years, and we're excited about a bold initiative that PennDOT is launching to plan for transportation in our changing world.

By recognizing the influence of transportation on existing and future land use and the character of communities, PennDOT is taking steps to ensure that Pennsylvania's communities are desirable places to live and work. Because PennDOT cannot make many land use decision on its own, the agency is committed to developing local governments as strong land use partners.

10,000 Friends played an integral role in the development of one part of the Smart Transportation Initiative -- Pennsylvania Community Transportation Initiative (PCTI). This program implemented smart transportation through a new funding stream for programs that meet the PCTI guidelines. PCTI projects aimed to achieve the following goals:

  • support local development projects and encourage walkable, mixed use developments;
  • enhance and utilizing the existing transportation network infrastructure; and
  • improve regional connectivity and support transit oriented and brownfield developments.

Please take the time to review the resources attached below, including both PennDOT's Smart Transportation Guidebook and Pennsylvania Community Transportation Inititative Program Evaluation (PennDOT Pub738).  You'll find plenty of valuable resources, case studies, and ways for all of us to play our part in transportation planning in our changing world.

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